How Much Could Custom Blog Creation Possibly Be Worth?

A lot of small companies start investigating the costs of website SEO, and they balk the first time they see an SEO company charging upwards of $500 for what seems to them like a simple act: custom blog creation. After all, WordPress brags that a complete novice can have a blog all their own up and running in minutes, right? So how much could custom blog creation possibly be worth?

The answer, as you economists might have guessed is “it depends — but often upwards of $500.” The next obvious question is “why is that?”

The answer is that there are a lot of things a custom-built blog does that a generic WordPress blog does not, and there are a lot of costs involved in setting up a blog correctly. For example, you have to purchase the URL, the hosting space, a customized theme that will make your blog stand out, customized graphics that work with your existing digital logo to build a visual presence — and we haven’t even started on the SEO or the content yet.

The SEO isn’t insignificant. Some blog creators that work on the cheap will install a single SEO mod and say they did their part. A real SEO company making a custom blog for you will install that same mod. But then they’ll go on to do significant keyword research so that you know what keyword phrases to center your categories, tags, and other on-blog elements around (right down to the names of the writers! Yes, there’s a reason I’m ‘seo_writer_mkl’ – because Google will even take the writers’ name as an indication of what the blog is all about.)

Then there’s the content. A really cheap high-quality writer charges around ten cents per word. Figure $35 for a 350-word blog post. If you want to start with two months worth of weekly blog posts, you’re looking at $280 just to pay the writer to do their part of the job. You might be able to get away with $200, but the quality of your blog posts is going to suffer from it — and remember that every post on your blog is a representation of your company’s quality and personality. You don’t want to spare on that expense.

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