There just isn’t a more effective internet  marketing technique than search engine optimization. We made that statement ten years ago and the numbers still back us up today. For long term traffic and consistent success on the web, SEO is king. Also known as organic SEO, or natural SEO, the process of building links and submitting your site to directories has become the only real way to achieve any kind of lasting success online.

Our team at First Page Placements has been doing search engine optimization for over a decade now and we have dozens of clients sitting happily atop the search pages for keywords relative to their industry. This provides them a steady flow of traffic and eliminates the need for other, costly advertising and promotions that only bring short term results. The results from SEO are long term and don’t require additional expense once we get you to the top.

Using a combination of link building and writing techniques, First Page Placements spends the time necessary to manually submit your URL only in places that will bring you a direct traffic or search ranking boost, in many cases both. We know which social bookmarking sites and directories will help you and which are just a waste of time and effort. Experience and familiarity with the algorithms that determine page rank and position have taught us what to do and not do.

Our team of award winning writers can prepare articles, content pages and press releases that will let the world know what you are all about and establish you as an expert in your field. Becoming the recognized authority on a subject is one of the best ways to bring in a steady flow of regular customers and our writers will do just that for you with quality articles and content pages that tell customers what they need to know about what you have to offer.

Finally, First Page Placements utilizes cutting edge technology, video billboards, virtual web presenters, and mobile website enhancement to make sure you see the results of our search engine optimization in your analytics under the “conversions” category. We are all about documented results and we’ve been attaining them for our clients for over ten years now. Try our search engine optimization campaigns and find out what they already know. SEO works.

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