Pay per click is a strategy that has been replaced by SEO as the most effective internet marketing technique but it is still an effective method of getting the word out about your company. Traffic statistics aren’t a factor when page rank is calculated but having a steady flow coming in will benefit you as a company. Managed properly, PPC can be a powerful way to get new customers and keep you at the top of everyone’s list of service or product providers.

The most popular PPC program is Google Adwords, but it’s not the only one available. There are a number of pay per click programs out there and some offer better rates and even more exposure to your target market. PPC is the same as any other internet marketing strategy. There are good markets and poor markets depending on the industry you’re in and who your target audience is.

PPC has always been considered SEM, or search engine marketing, and not looked at as part of an overall SEO strategy. We at First Page Placements use PPC as a way to keep business coming in for you while we are building links and posting social bookmarks to improve your search engine page position and ranking. Search engine optimization is a long term permanent solution which takes time. PPC gives you temporary cash flow while we do it.

For more information on Pay per click services offered by First Page Placements give us a call and one of our internet marketing professionals will go over available options with you. Tell us all about yourself and your business and we will come up with a strategy designed to improve your bottom line. PPC is available as a stand-alone service by itself or as part of a larger SEO strategy.

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