Targeted email marketing is getting the word out to the people who actually want to hear it. Whether we generate a list through your website or purchase one where consumers have expressed a specific interest in your industry, First Page Placements will get you high conversion rates using our targeted email marketing campaigns. The numbers you will see from these campaigns, like any of the campaigns we run, will more than justify the cost.

Email marketing success depends on two elements, the list and the message in the emails. Our lists are only opt-in email lists that are regularly checked for bad or spam email addresses and tailored specifically to meet the needs of your company. Your product or service is being sought after by a segment of online users and they have expressed that interest someplace already in their shopping or search patterns. We know who they are.

In order to maintain the credibility of your company, we send emails only to those who have specifically requested information on topics related to what you sell. This ensures that you won’t be spammed or blocked from communicating with what could be a lucrative customer base. We’ll also set up capture pages or “squeeze” pages on your own site so that we can build your personal email list for future use. We’ll even develop a newsletter for you so you can stay in touch with these users.

The message that we send on your emails is the second element of targeted email marketing and equally important. Getting an email to the right people is no good if it doesn’t say what you need it to say. Our writers have years of experience in marketing and promotions and know how to put in a few words that which you need to say to get visitors to come to your website or respond to a special offer. Give us a call today and ask how we can improve your bottom line through targeted email marketing.

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