Have you noticed that more and more advertising on the internet is in the form of video billboards? Generally when you see a trend become popular like that it’s because it works. The numbers coming in from video advertising cannot be disputed. YouTube has come from relative obscurity in the past few years to a spot in the Alexa top five, one that it will easily hold on to and no doubt climb even higher from. Video captures internet users and we at First Page Placements want to put it to work for your business.

Producing a video billboard that attracts attention and converts is a task that our professional video billboard specialists perform on a daily basis. Our clients get the traffic they are looking for and more when we place video billboards in the right places where they will see the kind of qualified traffic that brings sales and sign-ups. Text ads and simple banner ads just don’t cut it anymore. To be successful on the internet you need more.

Your video billboard can be a personal message, a demonstration of your products or services, or even a random music video with your company logo. Our representatives will sit down with you and go over your options as far as substance and content are concerned. Our market research and experience in the advertising, promotions, and internet marketing industry have given us the information we need to recommend what is best for you.

Where do we run your video billboard advertising? That depends on what you do. As we do with all of the internet marketing that we do, we place your ads and your website URL only in places where there is existing traffic that has expressed an interest in what you have to offer. We find that traffic flow for you and then create something that will make it stop and stay for a while. Video billboard marketing is one of the most effective ways we know of to do this.

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