Does your website inspire positive reactions when users first log on? The design and layout of your website helps determine whether or not your visitors stay or just bounce out and go someplace else. The look, feel and usability of your website cannot be underestimated. If we’re going to bring you more traffic with our SEO efforts then we want to make sure that traffic is going to convert when it arrives. A website needs to capture visitors and encourage them to move to your conversion page.

At First Page Placements, our web design team will examine your website and make the artistic and functional changes necessary to make sure visitors stay and make a purchase or sign-up while they are there. We’ll incorporate modern design items like video, flash, and web presenters. We’ll improve your content and make sure that the path to your conversion pages is clear. Getting the traffic is only half the process. We want to make sure it actually makes you money when it arrives.

The way that your site looks is important and the way that it functions is critical to your success. If your visitors can’t figure out how to get to the purchase or sign-up page then you won’t have positive results. Our web design professionals don’t just look at the artistic side of your website, but the site map and functional elements such as “Buy Now” buttons and “Sign Up” call-to-action buttons. The positioning and shape of these make a difference in your conversion rate.

At First Page Placements we offer the total internet marketing package for our clients. Unlike many of our competitors we’re not going to focus on SEO that brings you traffic if that traffic has no chance to convert. Once we have you on Page One we want you to enjoy the benefits that come with that, namely an increase in sales and sign-ups. That’s where our web design team can help you. Ask about this service as a stand-alone or as part of any search engine optimization package.

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