Added value from SEO specialists

Browsing around the web for SEO professionals demonstrates that a range of choice is available for website owners – and it’s well worth doing your research. What’s immediately certain is that the level of detail and speciality you’ll receive will really depend on which service you choose. Almost all SEO specialists offer a similar type of basic package, though if you invest in the best you will all sorts of unexpected ways that this can add value to your SEO campaign, in the short and long term.

Basic SEO
A basic SEO campaign consists of different features, depending on the provider; among other things you might expect to find simple maps, basic design elements including responsive design for mobile, and some keyword research.

For a very simple site which doesn’t require much functionality, this basic package type may well seem like all you could ever need. Indeed for many small particularly local businesses this may well be enough to get you started. For many websites and businesses though, this may well not be enough to compete.

Advanced SEO
An advanced SEO campaign ran by a real SEO specialist can feature much much more than the fairly standardized approach given in more basic packages. If your business is bigger than a few staff, and the platform which you compete on is more fierce, staying one step ahead might be crucial.

Whereas your basic SEO package might include some keyword research for the content on your site, it will be a job done, and then completed as a final product. For the most effective campaign though your strategy needs continuing care. Keywords come in and out of fashion, and new search terms become available and which could mean the difference between your site featuring on Google’s first page or not.

Furthermore a more advanced form of keyword research will implement not just short, but also long-tail keyword phrases. These phrases are more specific and can target not just potential customers, but those customers more likely to be looking to make a purchase. “Pogo stick” might be a useful keyword for your website, but “buy Pogo stick online” may be more likely to catch those who’ve done their research, and are ready to make a purchase.

Finally in addition to implementing these strategies, a more advanced package will continually analyse the results the campaign is getting, always ready to edit and make changes based on changes or new information.

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