The tools of the trade for SEO specialists

As we’ve explained in more detail elsewhere, an SEO specialist is who you hire when looking to improve the effectiveness of your website. This can include pretty much everything from website design, to the content inside, as well as – and perhaps most importantly – all of the advertising which puts it before your customers. It is also – as the name suggests – all about helping to sync your website with the standards currently expected by search engines like google.

One of the most important tools for an seo specialist is any of a variety produced by Google, notably Google Analytics which allows them to measure the performance of your website and of the seo techniques that have been implemented.

There are a school of programs available and some apply to certain types of business more than others, but they all have something in common, and this is their potential to analyse individual components of your seo success. With tools like Analytics seo experts can be reactive to changes, and can plan ahead since the priorities for change are more certain.

Another key weapon is a Keyword tool like Google Keywords. Access to keywords allows users to see how many times per month a given term has been searched, both globally and locally. Ensuring that the keywords you choose in your content match up well with what your customer searches is an important part of the keyword process. You can also check how searches perform across platforms, i.e. which are more popular mobile over desktop or vice versa.

Alone these tools are powerful, but used in conjunction with others allows for true insight about the best way to run an seo campaign. An true seo specialist will compare series of different short and long-tail keywords against how common these terms are amongst your competition, and this is how you can be innovative and do things which react to your audience in ways your competition doesn’t.

There are plenty more essential tools for a seo specialist, though too many to be covered here. It’s important to know a little about the tools that are being used by the professionals you’re hiring, but what’s most important to know is that these tools can require training to use, and are often costly. This is why it’s only the finest seo experts who have the finest tools, and know how to use them.

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