What can PPC management add to your PPC campaign?

What is PPC?
PPC stands for pay per click, and PPC marketing is one important branch of online advertising. The idea of PPC advertising is to improve the visibility of a website in order to boost traffic, and sales. A PPC manager then the person you hire to manage your campaign.

When you search something into a search engine, a list of relevant websites is generated for the user to browse through. At the top and in the margins of the search you will also have seen “sponsored links” which are generally placed in bold or with a coloured background to catch you attention, this is PPC advertising.

How does it work?
As the name suggests, with PPC marketing the rate of pay is determined by the amount of incoming clicks which the search engine generates for the website. This means if the advert you place fails to draw in traffic, you do not pay, and this is one of the big benefits of PPC marketing.

Another important element is the visibility it allows, by automatically placing your website on the first page of search results the name of your website will be more visible, when without it your webpage might have been placed several pages further down. Finally since Google or other are in a sense sponsoring your website, the site is in a sense endorsed by the search engine, allowing the site to piggyback on the trust the user has for their chosen search engine.

What PPC marketing can offer
As we’ve mentioned the main priority of running a PPC campaign is to encourage more traffic into your website, with the chance that this will equal more customers. Also although a PPC campaign doesn’t replace your SEO campaign, it is a wonderful short term solution for a form of first page placement, and may help to get the wheels turning in the long run.

What PPC management adds
Having a manager for your PPC campaign is an opportunity to maximize all of the benefits already mentioned, as well as some more sophisticated techniques to give added value. Research can be made into how to make your campaign more effective by changing keywords, and this is something that can be constantly updated. A PPC manager will also be able to give additional info like the return on investment you’re making, giving you a better idea of how well your campaign is performing, and when it could be doing better.

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