Easy Link Building and SEO with Social Bookmarking

social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

If you want to get good ranks on search engine results, then you need to build links and there are many ways to do so. One of these ways is social bookmarking , that can create a lot of back links for your website. This technique gives you more control over the SEO process since you have absolute control over the bookmarks that you create.

What to bookmark 

Generally, you would want to bookmark everything that you create- but refrain from this practice. You should bookmark only the content that has some value. If it fulfills the social aspect, then bookmark it. Do not book mark some pages of your website, like the About Us page, Privacy Policy etc. But remember to bookmark all other pages that have real content.


You can build good SEO ranking by making use of social bookmarking sites. You can create a link to each page of content that you bookmark, but if you want it to work then you should make sure that your fields like titles, tags and description are keyword optimized for SEO.

The anchor tag in the back link is generally the title, so this will be the most significant field. You must have a keyword with you if you want to get high ranks, and make sure you include that keyword in most fields.

Also, if your content has a title, it need not be same as the one used for bookmark. If you include your keyword wisely, the bookmark would be more relevant, and would help get you higher search engine rankings.

When to bookmark

Most search engines like Google monitor the number of back links created in a given time. If you create a lot of bookmarks too soon, then they get suspicious. So bookmark your content gradually over some time instead of creating all bookmarks at once.

And then there are many social bookmarking sites that you can use. There are tons of them, and you can find a new one being created almost everyday.

So bookmark your pages, and create high ranks.

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