First Page Placement Is As Easy as Profiting From Collected Underwear

boy first place

First page placement on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is suprisingly easy to obtain. All you have to do is be willing to pay for it: a bit of clever pay-per-click advertising will do it quickly, or a significant organic SEO campaign will get it done in the long-term. It’s like the man says: you can get it quick, well-done, or cheap — or even any two of those — but never all three at a time. PPC is the quick and well-done version of first page placement; organic SEO is the cheap and well-done version. You don’t want the quick and cheap version, because it doesn’t actually last long enough to mean anything to your quarterly bottom line.

Now, most certainly there are those of you out there who want to know what the heck underwear has to do with anything. Others of you are reading this specifically because you recognized the reference to South Park’s underwear gnomes, a race of little people who have a definitive business plan:

  • Step One: Collect Underwear
  • Step Two: ???
  • Step Three: Profit!

The sad truth is that for many webmasters out there, their business plan closely mimics that of the underwear gnomes:

  • Step one: Achieve First Page Placement
  • Step Two: ???
  • Step Three: Profit!

The missing link, of course, is conversions. Converting is the art of getting someone who has seen your website to actually spend money on it. Getting first page placement is a critical part of the process — it’s Step One, after all — but it’s only Step One. You also have to be able to get the visitors that your placement in the SERPs provides you to actually part with their money.

In fact, in most modern web based businesses, the actual SEO and/or PPC management — the responsibility for getting onto the first page in the first place — is outsourced to a skilled SEO company specifically so that the webmaster can focus on conversions. It’s a classic strategy because it works. So focus your education and your time on converting your guests, and let an SEO company take care of Step One for you — you’ll be grateful you did.

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