Basic Steps to Get Started with Targeted Email Marketing

If you want an efficient tool to promote your website, then you should give a thought to targeted email marketing. This technique drives traffic to your website, and thus increases your sales.targeted email marketing

Many people do not take up targeted email marketing- either because they don’t understand what it is, or because they do understand, but do not know how to begin. It is for this reason that I have made this list of basic steps that you can use to get started with targeted email marketing.

Identify your targets

If you want your campaign to be a success, then you must make use of targeted email marketing. But how do you recognize your targets and collect their email addresses? You can do so by adding a form to your website. But you must make sure that they are relevant to your marketing tactics and website subject.

Make a targeted message

Your email message should be aimed towards the audience directly. If there are different types of audiences, then you should write different messages. Do not write one general message for all types of audiences- customize them. If you keep the same message in all mails, then you will not get the response that you want.

Great subject line

You need to have a great subject line if you want to catch the attention of the reader. You need to opt for about 4 – 6 words and select them in such a way that they create the maximum impact. People get a lot of emails, and you have to catch their attention while they are quickly going through their mails.

Use email lists

There are many email newsletters that you can use. Just put an advertisement in a newsletter, and a short signature including your website.


Timing is a very important part of targeted email marketing. If you mail too soon and flood the inbox of your readers, they will most likely mark your mails as spam.  Also, do not interval them too far away, else they will not make the desired impact.

Follow these steps and get started with your email marketing campaign.

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