If You Have A Website, SEO Is Your Friend

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It used to be, about a decade ago, that it was possible to use banner ads, word of mouth, and just a little luck to get all the traffic you needed to your website. SEO — that is, Search Engine Optimization, or more in-depth, ‘the practice of making your website look relevant and authoritative to the search engines’ — has changed all that. Where once you could rely on being cool, new, and different to make you stand out among the millions of websites on the Internet, today you need all of that plus a couple thousand man-hours of SEO work to even make a dent in the trillions of pages on the Web.

Of course, the thousands of man-hours don’t have to be your man-hours. If your site is really revolutionary and phenomenal, you might get a story published on the news, for example, at which point you’ll find that hundreds if not thousands of other people that are excited about your site will be happy to put in a half-hour each writing up blurbs and linking to your site. But given how rare that is, you’re better off playing the lottery.

Really, if you intent to ‘make it’ online, what you really need is a crew to do SEO for you. That means, generally, hiring an SEO company that knows what it’s doing and having their couple-dozen or couple-score of employees work their butts of making sure that your site climbs the rankings effectively.

It’s important to get a company — a sizable group of professionals — because that’s what it takes to do organic SEO correctly. No matter how skilled he is, an individual freelancer or even a full-time employee can’t possibly keep track of all of the information and details necessary to properly optimize for the search engines. There’s simply too much raw data.

A skilled, cohesive company, on the other hand, will have one guy to comment on blogs, one guy to post on forums, one guy to write killer articles, another guy to submit those articles to hundreds of quality article portals, a few guys to make a cool video about your product or service, another guy to distribute the video, and so on and so forth. At the end of the very long list there’s the guy who keeps track of where all of your links have been built and generates a report and sends it to you at the end of the month. That’s the power of a good SEO company.

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