Local Internet Marketing Isn’t Just For Brick And Mortar Anymore

internet marketingThe days weren’t too long ago that local internet marketing was regarded as something that belonged exclusively in the realm of brick and mortar businesses. The logic behind this stance is fairly inexorable: local internet marketing only affects people who search for businesses that exist in a specific location, and by and large, online businesses don’t have that particularly three-dimensional, spatial quality we associate with locality.

But that’s changing recently. Just as many brick-and-mortar businesses are starting to build their online presences, hiring webmasters and SEO companies to alert Google to the fact that they exist at a specific location, so many web-only businesses are starting to develop a healthy respect for the power of local internet marketing. It might seem a bit counterintuitive that a business that doesn’t have a local presence would target a specific market, but there are a couple of good reasons why this might be the case.

Market Segmentation
When you have a geographically centered market segment — for example, Spam Sushi has a market centered almost completely in Hawaii with a nascent following in South Korea — local internet marketing becomes an obvious choice even if your website serves customers worldwide. You might be the best Spam Sushi maker in New York City, but when you realize that 90% of your orders come from Maui because some guy there discovered your skills and spread the word, of course you’re going make sure that your name comes up in that neighborhood.

Return on Investment
Local internet marketing is highly affordable SEO. Compared to the effort it takes to rank for a keyword like “children’s podiatry”, ranking for a keyword like “Gramercy Park children’s podiatry” is trivial in terms of both time and cost. Even if your market isn’t as highly segmented as the market for Spam Sushi, you can totally still improve your traffic and sales if you target a large enough city and perform some quality local internet marketing for it. With the effort it would take to get on the front page of “low carb diet”, you could get into the first place for “low carb diet Dallas”, “low carb diet Minneapolis”, “low carb diet St. Louis” and a dozen other major cities.

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