Long Tail Keywords are the catalyst to Local Internet Marketing Success

keywords-lettersWhat is a long tail keyword? The term “organic SEO” is considered a short tail keyword. If you expand it to “Los Angeles organic SEO link building services” you have a long tail keyword. The objective when using long tails is to more accurately predict what searchers are going to be looking for. The short tail keyword covers a broad spectrum of options, so the field the searcher will be selecting from is much larger and will include firms from around the world. The specificity of the long tail narrows that search down to strictly local companies that offer the exact service you’re looking for.

Long tail keywords are the catalyst to local internet marketing success. If you optimize your content with strictly short-tail keywords, you’ll be buried deep inside search results on pages no one ever looks at. How many times have you gone past Page One when you’re searching for something? If your website isn’t on the first page, your chances of scoring some business off of search are non-existent. You might get a hit or two off Page Two, but if you’re using broad keywords you won’t even show up that high.

Here at First Page Placement, our objective when doing local internet marketing is to drive local traffic to your website. We do that by submitting you to local directories and map sites like Google Places, but we also optimize your content with local long tail keywords. When someone in your area does a search for a specific service, the companies that are listed as local and use local keywords in their content are the ones that come up first. How do we know it works? We’ve used the strategy on our own company website and we are comfortably present on Page One for all Los Angeles SEO keywords. Isn’t that where you found us?

Google changed the rules last year when they adopted the Google Panda change in their search algorithm, but one thing remained constant. Content is the number one variable in the equation. They rate it higher than link count and ahead of your gross traffic number. Content is the element they consider first when assigning the quality score that determines your rank and page position. If you’re using the same keywords everyone else in your industry uses, you’ll rank low. Be different with long tail keywords and you’ll rank high. It’s as simple as that.



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