Playing The Numbers Game With A Press Release Service

Some kinds of SEO work are like building a full-sized house with Legos — adding thousands and thousands of small pieces together in order to build something truly worth having. Others are more like roulette: you either go viral and hit it big, or you get basically nothing for your work. Engaging a press release service is one of those rare SEO techniques that are both.

Just like a backlink you get from a one-off blog comment or a barely-comprehensible article turned in to an unknown article directory, a press release creates a backlink on the website of whatever press release aggregator you turn it in to. In that way, it’s a Lego brick: just one more smidgen of influence flowing into your website from a distant authoritative site on the other side of the Internet.

On the other hand, a press release has a special advantage over almost any other kind of SEO document. Press release aggregators are read by members of the press, and if your press release is truly noteworthy, it can get syndicated. That means dozens, hundreds, or (in the extreme) even thousands of backlinks flooding in from a huge variety of sites from across the Internet.

Needless to say, the website SEO benefits of that kind of viral burst are enormous, and they almost assure that your site will achieve a new level of traffic — which means a new level of income. Also needless to say, that kind of viral traffic is a very rare occurrence even with the frequently-combed press release aggregators and a powerful writer on your side.

But because press releases are always good for the same kind of backlink that a toss-off article or a blog comment is, there’s always a solid reason to write and submit a press release (or have an SEO company do it for you, more likely.) That’s why, every time you have almost any kind of announcement from your web based business, having a press release service write and submit a solid press release for you is always a good idea — it’s like getting a free lottery ticket along with your chicken at the grocery store. Why would you ever turn that down?

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