Small Business SEO is The Midgame, But You Also Need A Good Start

small businessWhen you are just starting to get a grip on the ins and outs of your small business, SEO isn’t the first thing on your mind. A lot of gurus and Internet geniuses will tell you that it should be, but that’s simply not the truth. The truth is that, whether your business is offline or online, you have to have a solid setup before SEO will do you any good at all. That solid setup comes in three steps.

Step 1: A Solid Product or Service
If you aren’t selling something that people need — or at least believe they need — you won’t make it, period. Finding a niche that isn’t already overrun with fierce competition can be quite difficult, but even if you manage to come across a forum full of thousands of senior citizens with a strange interest in interracial dating and you have an amazing idea for helping them hook up, that’s no guarantee that RetiredSwirlCones.Com is going to do good business. You need to do whatever you’re doing well so that the people who do risk buying from you approve of what they buy.

Step 2: Conversion, Conversion, Conversion
The next thing you need is a way to convince people to take that risk. Online, that means a killer sales letter or some other form of convincing communication like a targeted Email marketing campaign or a sales video. Offline, it means that when someone walks into your store, they need to be impressed with the quality, professionalism, and quality of not only the product itself, but the environment around it. If you’re not converting at least 3% of online visitors and 20% of walk-ins, you need to work on that before you start driving traffic.

THEN, SEO Kicks In
Finally, the time arrives to kick your business into high gear. With the groundwork laid, you can purchase the services of an SEO company knowing that the traffic they add will convert into enough sales to more than make up for the expense.

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