Using Targeted Email Marketing to Generate New Leads Pays Off if you do it Right

email-marketing-to-generate-leadsThe most important element of a targeted email marketing campaign is the list itself. It’s important to understand that the methods used to put together an email list directly affect the conversion rate. If you purchase the list, the credibility and accuracy is a direct reflection of the integrity and professionalism of the listing company. Do you know who to go to when you need a targeted email mailing list? That’s where we come in.


Our marketing people at First Page Placement have been using email marketing as a primary and secondary service for over a decade. In other words, we know what we’re doing.


The best way to generate a list of quality prospects to send email to is to attract waves of traffic to your website. Than, capture interested consumers with a single or double opt-in sign-up feature. Those who take the time to enter their name and email address are the best potential customers you can find. They are inviting you to sell them something . Obviously have an interest in what you have to offer. The value of those email addresses is the highest. There’s no reason for it not to be voluntary if your traffic volume is high.


Getting the traffic is our specialty. We’ll use a PPC management strategy combined with our methodical organic SEO approach to ensure you get traffic today and for a long time into the future. Our team of experts, while building your web presence with SEO, will immediately position you on Page One using a first page placement option which can be purchased from the search engines. This strategy guarantees that our customers start seeing traffic immediately, not months or years after they start doing business with us.


Another way to gather email addresses and contact names is to use what is known as a squeeze page. These are pages that force you to input your email address just to enter a site or certain page of a site. There are various philosophies on squeeze pages. In our experience, we have found sometimes they can actually hurt your reputation as a company. Contact us for a more detailed explanation and an analysis of your business to see what will work for you. Our affordable SEO programs might be exactly what you need to finally find success on the internet.

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