First Page Placement rewards

First Page Placement

If you’d have asked someone only a few decades ago about how they would be doing their grocery shopping later in life; then few would have been able to predict the way most of us live today. The dawn of the internet has come quickly, and for this reason it can still be intimidating for many.

If you do run an online business though then you’ll probably have set your sights on achieving first page placement one day, even if you’re unsure of how or if it’s even possible at all. First page placement is alike having your store, restaurant or whatever business in a really luxurious location.

Cost and Reward

These locations are expensive because the rewards are great. Also because there is an abundance of passing footfall eager to spend their money on goods and services. Achieving first page placement is something that cannot strictly be purchased however, and it takes plenty of hard work too. Because of the great job that search engines like Google do, most users will rarely need to scroll past the first page. This means that the rewards for making it to the first page can be huge, even business defining.

In addition to the large jump in traffic that your site is almost certain to enjoy for being on the first page there are a few other key benefits to bare in mind.


The more that consumers see your name, the more likely they are to have faith in your business; and eventually become a customer. When users who haven’t seen your business before constantly search for a certain good or service and; see your business name they’ll begin to make the association over time, and your popularity will grow.


This is something that will even affect how your regular customers perceive your brand. If suddenly they begin to see you coming up on page one; it gives the immediate impression of success and will change your business’ reputation for the better.


A business that appears on the first page will also be given more trust by consumers. If you’ve worked hard enough and impressed enough past customers to get where you are then it’s more likely that you’ll strive even harder to provide the best. Your business on the first page will begin to be something you don’t want to lose, and this is something that transmits to the customer.

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