Top Tips for Website SEO

website seoWhen it comes to website SEO, there are many techniques that you can follow and get great results. I am discussing some most important tips here.


Meta Tags

There are many people who might be thinking right now “Yeah, I have filled meta tag details.” Just filling them out is not sufficient- you need to use your primary keyword in the title. Apart from that, your description tag should also contain keywords. Make sure it flows naturally- do not just stuff those keywords there. Apart from these points, do not use the same keywords for all the pages. Different pages should have different keywords. The tags should fit properly with the content of the page and the keyword.



Link some of your pages to some outside website. Suppose you are using the word ‘search engine’ in your text, then link it to a story related to search engines on… let’s say Another good site to link your pages to is Wikipedia.



Sitemap pages are most welcomed by search engines. So in case you do not have a sitemap page, make one. Once you have fully built your website, you should make a sitemap for the ease of users. While making a sitemap, you must make sure that all pages have complete meta tags with their respective keywords. There are many online tools that will help you create sitemaps.


Off page SEO

Back links are important too. The more links direct towards your website, the more page rank you will have. But make sure that they look natural, like you are exchanging everyday information. If you flood the web with back links, search engines can get to know that it is fake- and they can even block your website from their results.



It’s a good idea to keep updating some of your pages regularly. You can even maintain a blog for this purpose. Just keep adding pages every now and then if you want your blog to attract traffic.


Bonus Tip

Here’s a little bonus tip: Write and post press releases. There are many websites that allow you to post free press releases. You can try them for good and fast website SEO.

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