Increase Website Traffic with Forums Posts

forum posting trafficThe very first step in driving traffic to your website is through what is commonly referred to as Online Forum Marketing. Online Forums are very interactive web pages that allow you as a registered user to read, interact and participate in discussions about a certain topic of interest. You would do everything you can to participate in as many discussions as you can about your favorite topic, wouldn’t you?


Setting up a forum on your website can accomplish these goals. Many hosting companies offer forums to websites. You can also obtain commercial software to attach to your website. You can limit the forum to members only, or open it up to any visitor (or “guest”).


You can post some comments on forums and you may be able to include your url in the forum post signature. Sometimes these links have No Follow code attached and sometimes not.


One of the most ignored ways to generate traffic is the use of signature files. These signature files can be included in each email you send out and are a part of most every forum on the internet. Besides telling people about what you are promoting or selling, signature files also provide a link to your website.


The easiest way to get links from high ranking web pages is to post articles in Discussion Groups, and Forums that relate to the topic of your website or web page. You can write the articles yourself or have someone else write the articles for you. There are companies that will write unique articles for you based on the keyword or key phrase that you choose.


Forums are an excellent place to meet people you can form joint ventures with. There have been many successful partnerships that originated on an online forum.


The first and most crucial factor is to decide where to place your back links. No matter how many forums you participate in, your links will stay there if your site is relevant. People will click as long as the information being offered is something they need or is something relevant to them.


Start posting in Relevant Threads and Categories. Forum Posts last forever. Therefore begin posting useful and helpful articles and comments with a link to your website providing additional information. Always create your posts in the right category or thread for your Niche Market.


If you want to increase traffic using a forum, it will be best to allow all posts to be visible to the public. This will encourage search engine spiders to visit the group page, as well as index the contents. Once people start looking for similar information, they be led to the relevant posts on your group.


Another great way to get more action is to make your big site announcements through your forum. This means that people will have to browse your forum in order to know what’s going on.

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